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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Chuck Foreman Advances

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

One of the second round match-ups in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament gave our readers the opportunity to, essentially, determine who they feel the second-best running back in Minnesota Vikings history is. And, by a significantly wider margin than I was anticipating, they gave a pretty resounding answer to that question.

Chuck Foreman scored a relatively easy victory over Robert Smith to move on to the Sweet 16 of our tournament. When the final tally was determined, Foreman had racked up 159 "recs" from our readers, while Smith came away with just 30 "recs." While both backs had their moments of glory carrying the football for the Vikings, it was Foreman that was determined to be the superior back.

In the next round, Foreman gets an opportunity to face the big kahuna, overall top seed Adrian Peterson.

The last two match-ups of the second round of our tournament are underway, ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to cast your vote, and we'll have more on the Sweet 16 once those match-ups conclude.