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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Paul Krause Advances

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Birk. . .as we all know, he went to Harvard. However, in his second round match-up in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, the only place he wound up going was behind the proverbial woodshed.

Paul Krause scored a relatively easy victory over Matt Birk to move to the Sweet 16 of our tournament. When the totals were finalized, Krause wound up with 173 "recs" from our readers, while Birk could only manage 15 "recs." There's something to be said for being a Hall of Famer and the all-time interception leader in Minnesota Vikings history (not to mention the entire league), and Birk just couldn't stand up those sorts of credentials.

In the Sweet 16, Krause goes one-on-one with a guy that made safeties (and cornerbacks) look sort of bad during his time in fellow Hall of Famer Cris Carter.

We've nearly completed the second round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks to all of you that have participated and voted for your favorites thus far.