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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: (4) Kevin Williams vs (5) Jim Kleinsasser

We've reached the end of the second round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament with this match-up, folks. In this one, a couple of modern-day warriors take each other on for the right to advance to our Sweet 16.

Kevin Williams

Alma Mater: Oklahoma State University
Acquired by Vikings: Round 1, 2003 NFL Draft
Seasons in Minnesota: 10 (2003-2012)
Position: Defensive tackle
How He Got Here: Defeated Brad Johnson 137-10 in Round 1

The career of Kevin Williams got off to a bit of a rough start, as the Vikings chose him with the 9th selection in the 2003 NFL Draft. The problem with this is that the Vikings were slated to pick at #7, and got passed up by two teams when they thought they had a trade in place with the Baltimore Ravens. As it turns out, the Vikings could have waited a couple more hours to take Williams and still gotten themselves a bargain. Currently the longest tenured member of the roster, Williams is a six-time Pro Bowler and a five-time All-Pro, as well as a member of the NFL's All-Decade team for the 2000s. His 56.5 career sacks place him in fourth on the Vikings' all-time list.

Jim Kleinsasser

Alma Mater: University of North Dakota
Acquired by Vikings: Round 2, 1999 NFL Draft
Seasons in Minnesota: 13 (1999-2011)
Position: Tight end
How He Got Here: Defeated Ed McDaniel 123-78 in Round 1

A long-time fan favorite in Minnesota, Kleinsasser had his opportunities to go elsewhere, but played his entire 13-year career in the purple and gold. Though he was never really known for his receiving prowess, he does rank 4th in receptions for Vikings tight ends with 192. What he was known, however, was his great blocking skills, whether it was as a fullback (where he started his career, hence his wearing of the #40) or at the tight end position. A guy that was never afraid to take on anybody, Kleinsasser found his way into the hearts of the Vikings faithful.

If you need a primer on how the voting for our contest works, we have one for you at this link here. Remember, rec the comments to register your vote. Putting "Vote - Name" in the subject line of a post does not count.

If you want to vote for Kevin Williams, rec the comment that says "Vote - Kevin Williams"
If you want to vote for Jim Kleinsasser, rec the comment that says "Vote - Jim Kleinsasser"

Voting is open for 24 hours, just like always, folks. Have at it!