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Fantasy Football: What's Your Favorite Vikings-Related Team Name?

What's in a name? When it comes to your fantasy football team, everything.

The inspiration for Casselvania.
The inspiration for Casselvania.

Training camp starts tomorrow!

Hmm. I don't think that sentence portrayed enough excitement. Let's try that again.


Better. Our favorite football team reports to camp on Thursday and real live practices are about 48 hours away. As you may have heard, we're going to have all sorts of in-depth coverage throughout Training Camp here on Daily Norseman. Because we'll have someone physically in Mankato. Equipped with an official press pass. For the majority of camp. Arif is covering the first week or so of camp, I'm covering the back end of camp from August 11-13, and Skol Girl is likely covering a couple days in between.

We're all getting a bit antsy and impatient right about now. Camp can't come fast enough. We're just killing time until there's real live football to talk about. So today, let's kill some of that time with a fun topic.

Training Camp means that the Vikings are deliciously close to kicking off the 2013 season. It also signals the impending kickoff of another important season for football fans: fantasy football drafts. If you're a savvy veteran of fantasy football, you know that it's basically required to have a clever team name. For instance, my team name in one league I have been in for the past 7 years is Dixie Wrecked. (Get it? Read it out loud a couple times if you don't.) But in our Daily Norseman League, my team name has been simply "Eric J. Thompson" for the past two years. BO-RING. Time to upgrade to something more creative.

The proprietor of the excellent, irreverent Vikings blog Purple Jesus Diaries posted a fun question on Twitter today. He called for his followers' best Vikings-related fantasy team names. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'm going to flatter the hell out of PJD and run with the idea here as well. But to prove I'm not just ripping off someone else's idea, I got the ball rolling with some team names that I thought of myself. First, I offer you names relating to some of the Vikings rookies:

  • Sharrif Rosco P. Floyd-train
  • Xavier Rhodes Scholars
  • Baca Flocka Flame
  • Locke-down Punters

And then I came up with a handful of names after other notable Vikings:

  • Casselvania
  • Rudolph's Red Zone Reindeers
  • Calling an Audie-ble
  • Felton Earthquake
  • The Bishop, Desmond Tutus
  • Jamarca-n Me Crazy

But I bet you guys can come up with even better names. (And no, "Blair Walsh Project" doesn't count. Everyone has already heard that one.) Share your best Vikings-centric fantasy football team names with us in the comments and be sure to Rec your favorites that others have posted. Maybe I'll even borrow Skol Girl's virtual Burger King crown (the highest honor bestowed upon Daily Norseman contest winners) and award it to the most Rec'd name. So have at it!