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Bishop To Start Pre-Season At Weak-Side Linebacker

Harry How

When asked about how the signing of free agent linebacker Desmond Bishop would affect the Minnesota Vikings plans to move him from the middle linebacker spot he had spent the entire off-season at, Erin Henderson confidently declared "I'm the Mike." On the eve of training camp, it appears that Henderson is exactly right. . .at least for now.

According to 1500 ESPN, the Vikings intend to play Bishop at the weak-side linebacker spot that Henderson has manned for the past few seasons while leaving Henderson in the middle.

"Since [Bishop] is coming in so late," Frazier said, "We need to indoctrinate him into our way of doing things from a defensive standpoint. We think the best way of getting that done is starting him off on the outside."

Bishop points out that he had played his entire career in a 4-3 defensive set before playing in a 3-4 the past few seasons. It will be interesting to see how Bishop re-adjusts to the 4-3 scheme now. Worst case scenario is that the Vikings have a couple of quality linebackers that are able to play both the middle and the weak-side spots in case the injury bug hits at some point.

The first practice is tomorrow, everybody. . .this is just one of the many storylines that fans are going to be following throughout this pre-season, and we'll have coverage of all of them for you right here.