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Vikings Training Camp Day 1 Open Thread


Let's get this first day of Training Camp underway, folks!

There are two different sessions for practices during Training Camp. The first session each day runs from 10:30 to 11:30 AM Central time, and the afternoon session runs from 2:30 to 4:45 PM Central time. We will have one Open Thread per day to cover both sessions. For more of the GIF and off-topic sorts of things, please use the regular Open Thread, and let's effort to limit this one to football-type discussions.

We will also have the Twitter feed of whoever we have covering camp for a particular day here in the Open Thread. In this case, it's our very own Arif Hasan, who will be in Mankato from today until August 2 or 3 (we're still trying to determine which for sure). Enjoy his feed in real time below!

We should officially be underway from camp in about half an hour or so. Man, is this great or what?

Thanks in advance to everyone that comes to hang out in our Open Thread for Training Camp! I have no doubt that Arif, Eric, and Skol Girl will do some outstanding work while they take their turns in Mankato to check everything out.