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Norse Code: Your Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Guide

Heading to training camp? Arif Hasan breaks down what to look for in training camp and even a few gems to pay attention to during camp.

I know it's been longer than a week since we posted the original episode, but multiple technical difficulties ensured that we wouldn't post as quickly as we would like to.

Nevertheless, during training camp downtime, or even before training camp starts, you can listen to our guide on training camp.

A number of publications (including ourselves and several fanposts) have taken to evaluating the specific battles and breaking down which positions are up for grabs, we decided to take a different route: what are you looking for if you're evaluating players at camp?

We'll talk a little bit about specific players and some gems that may surprise, but for the most part, it's a guide to tell you what others might be looking for and more importantly, how to critically evaluate media reports on player performance.

Episode Notes:

  • There are some great guides from the National Football post that I relied on in some way. One is a guide to grading defensive backs by Matt Bowen, and the other is a way to grade rookies by the same writer.
  • Hearing a lot of new names? Chances are they are undrafted free agents. I broke down a number of them (but missed Thielen) here.
  • I also recommend looking at what CCNorseman had to say in his eight-part series on the undrafted free agents. Final piece here.
  • If you're going, be sure to check out Skol Girl's cheat code to making the most of your time.
  • Schedules should be freely available throughout camp, but the first half is walkthroughs, while the second half is either "helmets" or padded practices.
  • Autographs to follow practices, but until after the first weekend. A map will be provided to tell you where to be (also follow the mass of fans).
  • It's hard to get an autograph. Don't be this girl.
  • Having a kid or maybe a giant orange peanut will help you get that autograph. If you don't have a kid, steal one.
  • I recommend sunscreen and a phone so you can follow along on twitter (@ArifHasanDN, @eric_j_thompson, @skolgirldn)
  • I mentioned a fantastic New York Times piece on undrafted free agents. Here it is.