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"Vikings West" Having Issues With Former Vikings


Around here, a lot of folks have taken to referring to the Seattle Seahawks as "Vikings West," as it seems that the Seahawks have recently become to former Minnesota Vikings what the Vikings have become to. . .well, former Green Bay Packers, I suppose. However, a couple of revelations have come out of Coffee Country over the past 24 hours or so that suggest that Seattle might be looking at the warranties for a couple of former Vikings they acquired this off-season.

As I'm certain you've heard by now, receiver Percy Harvin is getting a second opinion on a torn labrum in his hip, and the diagnoses from the amateur doctors on the Twitter (and some of the professional ones, too) seem to be all over the place. The consensus seems to be that Harvin is going to miss significant time this year, and at this point it's just a matter of how much. He could miss half the year (which seems to be the low end) or he could actually miss the entire 2013 NFL season, which would be a significant blow to one of the pre-season Super Bowl favorites.

The other. . .and, in my mind, more surprising. . .revelation comes from our old friend Tom Pelissero via the Twitter. Pelissero spent the past few days in Seattle covering the Seahawks, and posted this within the past hour or so.

Winfield, if you'll recall, was cut on the eve of free agency, pretty much while he was working out at Winter Park, when the Vikings decided that he wasn't going to be worth the $7+ million that he was due in the final year of his contract. There were rumors going around that he was "deciding" whether to go to the Seahawks or return to the Vikings. . .though in the end it turned out that he never really considered Minnesota to be an option after he was released.

When the Vikings lost Harvin and Winfield, there was much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, some of it coming from yours truly. But, now that the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, it looks like Rick Spielman may have gotten the whole thing right once again. As I said, the Harvin thing doesn't surprise me. . .honestly, it really shouldn't surprise anybody. . .but the Winfield thing bears watching.