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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, Independence Day Edition

Patrick Smith

Happy Independence Day, ladies and gentlemen! It's probably going to be a pretty slow day around here today, posting-wise. Everyone needs the occasional holiday, am I right? Rest assured, if any breaking news about the Minnesota Vikings does find its way down the pike, we'll have it for you, but other than that, it's probably going to be pretty slow.

Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . .

-We've had two more match-ups take place in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, with Chad Greenway taking on Ahmad Rashad and Matt Birk battling Fred Cox. The latter of those two match-ups has more comments on it than anyone could have realistically expected, I think. This is a good thing.

-We also gave you an updated bracket for our tournament. In case you missed it, the tourney will be taking the day off today. We'll have the results of the two battles linked above, but there won't be any new match-ups until 8 AM Central on Friday morning.

From some other places around the internet. . .

-The Baltimore Sun takes a look at our favorite football team, as they're taking a look at all of the Baltimore Ravens' opponents for 2013.

-The team has released more information about this year's Training Camp, including information about getting autographs from your favorite players.

The rules for the Open Thread are the same as always, folks. . .no politics, no bad language, don't feed the trolls, and keep the naughty words to a minimum (or at least use the spoiler feature if you're going to swear).

Something a little different for your musical selection of the day.

With that, the barbecue is fired up for your Fourth of July, ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy your day today, without forgetting the reason that you're celebrating, and we'll see you back here again tomorrow!