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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Matt Birk Advances

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Ordinarily, you wouldn't think that a debate between a center and a kicker would generate a whole lot of controversy. However, as evidenced by the nearly 250 comments that were lodged for this particular match-up, once the best fans in the world get a hold of a topic, they can really have at it if they choose.

When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, however, it was center Matt Birk that made his way to the second round of our tournament, knocking out the Vikings' all-time leading scorer, kicker Fred Cox. The final tally shows Birk with 105 "recs" and Cox with 84 "recs." Yes, you can't argue with the scoring prominence that "Super Toe" had or his 15-year tenure in Minnesota, but in the end, our community decided that Birk's anchoring of the offensive line for nearly a decade gave him the edge.

In the second round, Birk will face Paul Krause, who coasted to a victory over Jerry Burns in the first round of our tournament.

Our tourney takes the day off today for the Fourth of July, but we will be back with two fresh, new match-ups when we return at 8 AM Central time on Friday morning.