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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: (3) Carl Eller vs (14) Jake Reed

We are back underway in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, ladies and gentlemen! After our day off, we're back to two match-ups per day until we get through the first round. With 14 match-ups remaining, it appears our final two first round battles will take place on Thursday, July 11, with the results being announced the following day. The second round will then start on Monday, July 15.

Today's match-up pits another member of the famed Purple People Eaters against yet another in the Minnesota Vikings' long line of outstanding wide receivers.

Carl Eller

Alma Mater: University of Minnesota
Acquired by Vikings: Round 1, 1964 NFL Draft
Seasons in Minnesota: 15 (1964-1978)
Position: Defensive end

Carl Eller is credited with being the all-time sack leader for the Minnesota Vikings with a tally of 130.5 over his fifteen years in purple, although the sack was an unofficial stat during Eller's career. He had a career-high of 15 in 1969, a number he matched again in 1977. Eller was a five-time All-Pro, and a six-time Pro Bowler. He is one of ten Vikings to have played in all four of their Super Bowl appearances, and was the 1971 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. A member of the Vikings' Ring of Honor, Eller was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004.

Most of Eller's videos on YouTube have to do with stuff that's happened since he's retired, so I'll direct you here for a very cool video about the Purple People Eaters instead.

Jake Reed

Alma Mater: Grambling State
Acquired by Vikings: Round 3, 1991 NFL Draft
Seasons in Minnesota: 10 (1991-1999; 2001)
Position: Wide receiver

Jake Reed was often overshadowed by his more prolific running mate in Minnesota, Cris Carter, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a fine receiver in his own right. He is currently fifth on the Minnesota Vikings' all-time list for receptions with 413, and fourth in receiving yards with 6,433. Reed, along with Carter, had four consecutive 1,000-yard seasons for the Vikings from 1994 to 1997, making them the first pair of teammates to accomplish the feat in four straight years. He was second in the NFL in receiving yards in 1996 with 1,320.

Unfortunately, there aren't any decent videos of Reed available on YouTube, so I'll again direct you to

Here's a review of how the voting process works, folks.

-If you want to vote for Carl Eller, rec the comment that says, "Vote - Carl Eller"
-If you want to vote for Jake Reed, rec the comment that says, "Vote - Jake Reed"

Don't rec both comments. . .we're on the honor system here, folks. Although I don't know why you'd rec both anyway. . .you'd end up just canceling yourself out.

Please do not reply to either of the top two comments. . .if you want to debate or make your case or what have you, feel free to do so underneath those top two comments. Remember. . .only recs count, so make sure that's how you register your vote.

The voting will remain open until 8 AM Central time tomorrow, at which point the next two match-ups will be posted.

Have at it, everybody!