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Who's The #2 Overall Fantasy Pick?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What!? Gates is doing a post that doesn't have something to do with the Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament? I know, right? But, I've got to do something to break things up a little bit, so here's what I've got for you to chew on here for now.

There you are. . .you've read the magazines, read the websites, done whatever prep work you're going to do, and it's finally draft night for your fantasy football league. You're in one of those leagues that doesn't determine the draft order until just before the draft, and you're holding out hope that you wind up with the #1 overall pick so that you can have the opportunity to grab Adrian Peterson for your roster. I mean, really. . .who else merits consideration at the top spot?

So, it's about an hour before the draft, the order is drawn or determined however your league does it, and you're picking. . .



Well, you know you're not getting AD. . .at least, you shouldn't be getting AD. Obviously, if he manages to slide past #1, he's a steal. But barring that relatively remote possibility, who do you take with the #2 overall pick in your fantasy draft?

There are plenty of possibilities out there. Most of them are running backs, such as Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Ray Rice, Marshawn Lynch, and LeSean McCoy. I suppose that Calvin Johnson is a possibility as well, but #2 overall seems awfully high to be taking a wide receiver.

If I was sitting in that person's shoes, the choice would be Arian Foster. The Houston offense is going to be pretty good, and while Foster has gotten a lot of touches over the past few seasons, he's also found the end zone 47 times (41 rushing touchdowns, 6 receiving touchdowns) in the last three seasons, which is always something you want to see from your running backs. Or, you know, any player on your fantasy team, really.

So, if you can't get Adrian Peterson on your fantasy football team, who's your backup plan?