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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: (4) Chris Doleman vs (13) Jeff Christy

As we move along in our tournament to determine the Greatest Viking Of All Time, we have yet another Minnesota Vikings' Hall of Famer taking on another in Minnesota's long tradition of great center play. Both of whom have the same alma mater, so there will be a member of the Pittsburgh Panthers in the next round regardless of who wins this one.

Chris Doleman

Alma Mater: University of Pittsburgh
Acquired by Vikings: Round 1, 1985 NFL Draft
Seasons in Minnesota: 10 (1985-1993, 1999)
Position: Defensive end

After the Vikings attempted to make Doleman into a linebacker for a couple of seasons, they moved him to his more natural defensive end position, and he took off from there. Doleman is the Vikings' second-leading "official" sack man of all time, accumulating 96.5 in his seasons in purple. His 21 sacks in 1989 stood as the team's single-season record until Jared Allen broke it in 2011. After three consecutive seasons of double-digit sacks in San Francisco, he returned to Minnesota for one more year in 1999 and put up eight at the age of 38. Doleman was a six-time Pro Bowler with the Vikings, a three-time first team All-Pro, and was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2012.

Jeff Christy

Alma Mater: University of Pittsburgh
Acquired by Vikings: Signed as free agent prior to 1993 season
Seasons in Minnesota: 7 (1993-1999)
Position: Center

Christy was actually drafted in the fourth round of the 1992 NFL Draft by the Phoenix Cardinals, but was cut by the team and missed the entire 1992 season. He was signed by the Vikings the next off-season, and stayed with the team for the next six years, starting 92 of 96 regular season games during that span. He was a two-time Pro Bowler and a two-time first-team All-Pro, both of those honors coming in 1998 and 1999, his final two seasons as a Viking. He was the anchor of the offensive line that set an NFL record for points scored in a season when the 1998 team put up 556 points.

And since I can't find an embeddable video of Jeff Christy on YouTube, feel free to check out his bio on

Here's a review of how the voting process works, folks.

-If you want to vote for Chris Doleman, rec the comment that says, "Vote - Chris Doleman"
-If you want to vote for Jeff Christy, rec the comment that says, "Vote - Jeff Christy"

Don't rec both comments. . .we're on the honor system here, folks. Although I don't know why you'd rec both anyway. . .you'd end up just canceling yourself out.

Please do not reply to either of the top two comments. . .if you want to debate or make your case or what have you, feel free to do so underneath those top two comments. Remember. . .only recs count, so make sure that's how you register your vote.

The voting will remain open until 8 AM Central time tomorrow, at which point the next two match-ups will be posted.

Have at it, everybody!