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Which Jersey Would You Exchange?

As I'm sure you've probably seen at some point over the past couple of days, the New England Patriots offered their fans an opportunity to trade in jerseys bearing the name and number of former Patriots' tight end Aaron Hernandez for the jersey of a current member of the team. If you're unsure of why the Patriots would do this. . .well, frankly, I would like to welcome you to Earth. You're obviously new here.

The idea was a success, apparently. According to Pro Football Talk, over 1,200 Hernandez jerseys had been traded in on Saturday, and the program will continue on Sunday.

Now, at this point, the Minnesota Vikings have not announced any intentions of doing anything similar. After all, they have no reason to. As far as we know.

finds nearest wooden object, starts hammering away furiously

But let's say that, for argument's sake, the Vikings put out a release tomorrow that said that you could pull any ol' Vikings jersey you have out of your closet, bring it to the pro shop, and trade it in for a different player. Which one would it be?

Out of the Vikings' jerseys that I have in my closet. . .or, more accurately, that are sitting in storage at the present time. . .there's one that immediately jumps to mind. It kind of hurts to say it, because it's a jersey I got from our friend CitrusFLViking, and it's going to sound cliche due to recent events, but I would definitely have to nominate the white Percy Harvin jersey I got a couple of years back. I mean, obviously I'm not going to need it for anything again. I'm probably not going to need the Antoine Winfield jersey I have hanging up, either, but it would be significantly harder for me to part with that one than with the Harvin jersey.

How about you folks? Do you have a jersey hidden away in your closet that you'd trade in given the opportunity? Someone that isn't with the team any more or that didn't pan out for some reason? Go ahead and talk about it here!