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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Kevin Williams Advances

Scott Cohen-USA TODAY Sports

As we saw in the piece that previewed this match-up, Brad Johnson once threw a touchdown pass to himself, which is a pretty impressive feat. However, it wouldn't have mattered if he had done it a dozen times. . .it likely wasn't going to be enough to get him into the second round of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament.

Kevin Williams ended up having a pretty easy go of it against Johnson in their first round tournament match-up. The final totals saw the big man rack up 137 "recs" compared to just 10 "recs" for the former Vikings' quarterback.

It's going to be a battle of the big men in the second round of our tournament, as Williams' victory has given him the right to face off against Jim Kleinsasser for the right to move to the Sweet 16.

The end of the first round is getting nearer, folks. Be sure to check out more of the match-ups and results from our tournament!