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Greatest Viking Of All Time: Chuck Foreman Advances

Yes, I assure you that's Chuck Foreman.
Yes, I assure you that's Chuck Foreman.
David Boss-USA TODAY Sports

Ed White enjoyed a long and illustrious NFL career, the first half of which was spent with the Minnesota Vikings, and later went on to be an outstanding coach. However, it wasn't enough to get him past one of the first true multi-purpose backs in the National Football League in our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament.

Running back Chuck Foreman easily moved past White in their match-up. When the final tally was taken, Foreman had garnered 168 "recs" for the readers of The Daily Norseman, while White could manage just 18 "recs."

Foreman's victory sets up quite the interesting match-up in the second round of our tournament. Foreman will go head-to-head with Robert Smith in what could, really, be a battle to determine who fans feel the second-best running back in Minnesota Vikings history is.

That's just one of the many great second round match-ups that we'll be seeing in this tournament starting next Monday. In the meantime, we're going to finish up the first round, so keep on watching for more and keep on voting!