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Norse Code: Episode #003, Training Camp Thoughts and Some Wild Prognostication

Dusty called in last Tuesday to talk to me about what I saw in Training Camp and engage in some crazy predictions!

Another episode of the podcast is ready for your consumption. In here, I provide a bit of a summary of what I've seen at training camp (if you don't have time to read the gratuitously long self-indulges I disguise as notebooks) as well as a few other minutiae that Dusty felt fit to ask.

Naturally, I recorded this podcast right before Ponder put together his first good practice. Still, it's something that I'll stand behind for now.

No real episode notes to add here, but we apologize for not featuring every interesting wild prognostication, but as you can see, we ran a bit on time.

Please continue to add your wildly irresponsible prognostications and we'll discuss them the best we can! What are the player battles you think I ignored? Which ones are the most interesting?

I think at this point, we can start making predictions on the practice squad candidates, and we'll feature some of the players you identify in the next episode. Go right ahead.