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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Twelve Open Thread

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

My apologies for getting this on the site a bit late. . .in my infinite wisdom, I didn't even realize that there was going to be a practice for us to cover today. (Hey, it's pre-season for us, too.)

On the upside, for this week of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp, we will have two. . .yes, two. . .reporters down in Mankato for your viewing pleasure, as Eric is going to be joining Arif in watching our favorite football team do their thing. So, in order to get both perspectives (since I'm not sure how they're going to be dividing up coverage as far as who will be watching what, I will be placing both of their Twitter feeds in the Open Thread here.

So, the morning walk-through will be getting underway just about any time now, so hopefully you can all enjoy getting a couple of different perspectives on what's going on down in Mankato.

Again, my apologies for the tardiness, and continue enjoying our Minnesota Vikings Training Camp coverage!