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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Twelve Open Thread

Hannah Foslien

Just a few more practices for us to cover from Training Camp for the Minnesota Vikings this year, ladies and gentlemen. We hope that you've all enjoyed the coverage that the team has given us the ability to bring you this season.

As was the case yesterday, we have two different perspectives for you on what's happening down in Mankato with our favorite football team today, as both Arif Hasan and Eric Thompson are keeping an eye on things for us. You can see both of their Twitter feeds below so that you can keep up with what's going on in near-real time.

See, this time I was smart enough to use two different color schemes (Twitter's timeline embeds come in "light" and "dark" flavors) so that you can more easily see that there's two different feeds going on here. After further review, it looked like they ran together a bit on yesterday's post.

As usual, we're looking at two different practice sessions today, folks. The early session should start at around 10:30 AM Central time, while the late session will likely being at around 2:30 PM Central time.

Enjoy it, folks. . .we've only got a couple more days of it for you.