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Texans At Vikings: Pre-Season Game 1 In Pictures

We've finally gotten to see some real football for the 2013 NFL season, as the Minnesota Vikings took on the Houston Texans at the Metrodome on Friday, August 9, 2013.

The scoreboard at the end of the game showed the Texans defeating the Vikings by a score of 27-13, but we all know that the scores aren't really relevant in the pre-season. . .it's more about getting players ready to play in the regular season. As you'd expect, we saw some players from both teams that looked like they were ready to go, some that could use a little more work. . .and, quite frankly, some guys that are probably going to be selling insurance here in a few weeks.

But, we have plenty of great pictures of the game available for your viewing pleasure. You can scroll through them below. We hope you enjoy them. . .hopefully we'll be doing this for every game the Minnesota Vikings play in 2013. (And we'll effort for less of a delay between the end of the game and the posting of the pictures, too.)