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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Adrian Peterson Advances

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Jared Allen is known for his calf roping celebration whenever he takes a quarterback down for a sack. However, in the Elite 8 of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, he wasn't taking on a calf. . .he was up against the baddest bull in the ring. And it didn't work out terribly well for him.

Adrian Peterson scored a convincing victory over Allen to claim the first spot in the Final Four of our tournament. When everything was finally tallied up, Peterson had collected 238 "recs" from our readers, while Allen could manage just 18 "recs." The reigning MVP has dominated every match-up he has had thus far, and even the Vikings' current best defensive player offered little resistance.

In the Final Four, Peterson will be taking on the winner of the match-up between coach Bud Grant and defensive tackle John Randle.

One spot in the Final Four of our tournament has been claimed. Who will take the other three? We will find out over the next few days.