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Jerome Felton Undergoes Emergency Appendectomy, Makes Too Much Money


Per numerous sources, Minnesota Vikings' fullback Jerome Felton missed the afternoon session of the final day of training camp after undergoing an emergency appendectomy. He is recovering from the surgery and will not make the trip to Buffalo for Friday night's game against the Bills.

Felton signed a one-year contract with the Vikings prior to the 2012 season, and parlayed that deal into a Pro Bowl appearance an a richer three-year deal in free agency. At a position that is considered a bit of a dying breed in today's National Football League, Felton played a huge role in Adrian Peterson's amazing season.

This makes it that much stranger that today Felton was named the most overpaid player in the National Football League by Forbes Magazine. . .you know, the first place you look when you're searching for hard-hitting football analysis. The way that Forbes goes about calculating this sort of thing can be found here, but really. . .as cliche as it sounds, Felton's value to the Vikings isn't something that shows up in the boxscore. You want to get an idea of Jerome Felton's value? Ask Adrian Peterson how good the guy is. That's the best way to get a sense of his value.

(The list also names John Carlson among the NFL's most overpaid players. That one actually makes sense.)

No word on how long Felton will be out. This might give a big opportunity to rookie Zach Line, who will likely get increased reps at fullback in Felton's stead, though I would expect Rhett Ellison to be used more frequently in that role as well.