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Radio Domination: All Arif, All Day Long

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, well maybe not all day long, but Arif has not one, but two interviews on tap today for your listening pleasure.

The first one will air at around 11:05 AM Central time, and is one that he conducted with some folks from the Great White North. Yes, The Daily Norseman is invading Canada this morning, and the target is the folks from Sports Radio 1260 in Edmonton. You can listen to the interview just after 11 AM Central time right here.

The second one is one that I'm pretty excited about, as it will be conducted with the folks from Sports Byline USA. The host, Ron Barr, has been at it for a pretty long time, and was pretty much my introduction to sports talk radio when I was in college. He also does a lot of work with the USO, which is always a plus in my book. The link to listen to the show is at the link there, and there are also numerous affiliates that carry the show that you can check out as well. The show itself runs from 9 PM to midnight Central time, but Arif will be taping the interview before that. Once we get a solid time for Arif's appearance, we will update it here for you.

So there you go. . .normally the radio hits we do just get a link post, but since there are two separate ones today, we just went and made a story out of it. Enjoy, everyone!