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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Bud Grant Advances

The Big Dog might have been in the house for a pretty sizable portion of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, but in the end, a fellow Minnesota Vikings legend put him in the doghouse for good.

Bud Grant got past John Randle to advance to the Final Four of our tournament. When all of the votes were counted up, Coach Grant had wound up with 155 "recs" to his credit, while Randle managed to collect 87 "recs" from our readers. The debate over whether or not someone from the sidelines could have a greater value than someone that did their work on the field raged on in this one, and will likely continue into the next round as well, but the coach had enough support to move on.

Bud Grant's victory gives us what should be another incredible battle in our Final Four, as he will be matched up against the top overall seed and the man that has dominated every match-up he's had thus far in Adrian Peterson.

Peterson. Grant. Carter. Page. The Final Four of our tournament is set, folks. . .we'll have the schedule for the rest of our tournament for you sometime over the course of the weekend here. Thanks to each and every one of you for your participation thus far, and we hope that it will continue on through the rest of our match-ups.