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Vikings At Bills: Pre-Season Game 2 In Pictures

See, I told you that we'd get these pictures in significantly quicker fashion than we got the ones from the pre-season opener.

We've got 120 pictures of Friday night's contest between the Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills from Ralph Wilson Stadium. It wasn't a particularly pretty night for the Vikings as they fell by a score of 20-16, but on the bright side the purple and gold were ahead 3-0 when they decided to lift the first teamers. Considering the pressure that the Vikings' offense was under and the fact that they spent most of the time being unable to get out of their own way, it could have been significantly worse than it was.

We hope that you'll enjoy the pictures of the contest that we've got here for you, courtesy of the folks at U.S. Presswire. As I've mentioned, we will attempt to do this for every game this year for your viewing pleasure.