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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Seven Open Thread

It's not an orange peanut, but it'll do.
It's not an orange peanut, but it'll do.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

It's that time once again, ladies and gentlemen! Time for more of the best coverage of your Minnesota Vikings from their Training Camp in lovely, beautiful, scenic Mankato, Minnesota.

If you've been following his Twitter feed, Arif has been having a bit of an allergy issue, so I'm not totally sure how much of camp he's going to be able to make it for today. In any case, his Twitter feed is embedded below, so that you can get the best, up-to-the-minute information from our favorite football team.

In case you missed it in the regular Open Thread, tomorrow there will be a rare Saturday Open Thread, but it won't hit until about 5:30 PM Central time. It will encompass both Cris Carter's Hall of Fame enshrinement (and some other guys, too. . .like they matter), as well as the team's annual scrimmage at Blakeslee Field in Mankato.

So, keep your eyes peeled for Arif sending stuff from Training Camp, everyone. We're glad that you've enjoyed the coverage thus far.