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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Alan Page Advances

Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The final match of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament is all set, folks. Our second Final Four match-up saw the only man from our Final Four that was not a #1 seed move on in surprisingly easy fashion.

(Well, it was surprising to me, anyway.)

Defensive tackle Alan Page moved on to the finals of our tournament by dispatching Cris Carter in their Final Four match-up. When the final numbers were tallied, The Honorable Justice Page wound up with 200 "recs," while the Vikings' most recent addition to the Pro Football Hall of Fame wound up with 82 "recs." Like I said, I thought that this match-up was going to be much closer than it wound up being, but in the battle of two titans, our readers picked one of the famed Purple People Eaters to move on over one of the greatest wide receivers of all-time.

That means that our final two match-ups are set. On Thursday, starting at 8 AM Central time, Carter will battle it out with Adrian Peterson in the Consolation Game. Then, on Friday, our months of voting and debates will come to an end, as Alan Page will take on Bud Grant for the title of the Greatest Viking Of All Time.

We're almost to the end, ladies and gentlemen! Keep an eye out for the final two match-ups, and we'll see you back for more starting on Thursday.