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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 8/23

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It's the last day of the week, ladies and gentlemen, but we're still a couple of days away from more Minnesota Vikings football. Never fear, because we will get you through Friday and into the weekend with more coverage of our favorite football team.

Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . .

-Stop me if you've heard this one, but Mick Tingelhoff and Jim Marshall got passed over.

-We had the Consolation Match of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, with Adrian Peterson taking on Cris Carter. The Championship Match will be up here within an hour.

-Arif and Dusty gave us the latest edition of Norse Code.

-Eric went through Five Good Questions with our friends from Niners Nation.

From some other outposts around the internet. . .

-Cornerback Bobby Felder is impressing as we get closer to cutdown day.

-One way to make the squad? Be good on special teams.

-It's finally starting to get warm in Minnesota, and the team is taking advantage.

The rules of the Open Thread are the same as always, folks. . .no politics, no religion, no feeding of the trolls, and keep the bad language to a minimum/use the spoiler tags if you feel the need to curse.

Your ambient music for this Friday, ladies and gentlemen.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for this Friday, ladies and gentlemen! Be ready for our Greatest Viking Of All Time Championship Match coming here shortly, and we'll effort to have more for you throughout the day.