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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Final Bracket

Well, ladies and gentlemen, our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament is officially in the books, as I'm sure you've already seen from our main story for today. Thanks to our friend June Williams, we have our final bracket for our tournament, complete with the results of the third place game and all of the other match-ups that have taken place over the last sixty-five days.

As always, you may click to embiggen.


Also. . .yes, the initial picture that I used on our story about Alan Page winning the tournament was, indeed, Carl Eller. For some reason, that photo pops up whenever I do a search for Alan Page in our photo tool (because the caption of the picture has Eller labeled as Alan Page), and I put that picture in there without thinking. The error has been fixed, and my apologies to everyone for the error.

That pretty much puts a wrap on our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, folks. As I've said throughout, I hope that you enjoyed the process we went through to get to this point. It got us almost all the way through to the regular season. . .but don't worry, because we'll be there soon enough.

Thanks again, everybody!