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Minnesota Vikings Announce 13 Roster Cuts

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The deadline for the Minnesota Vikings to get their roster from 90 players down to 75 is a little more than 24 hours away, and the team has announced 13 cuts from the roster.

The players that have gotten a visit from the Turk are as follows:

WR LaMark Brown
WR Erik Highsmith
OG Tyler Holmes
DE Lawrence Jackson
DE Marquis Jackson
LB Stanford Keglar
DB Greg McCoy
RB Bradley Randle
WR Chris Summers
QB James Vandenberg
C Camden Wentz
RB Jerodis Williams
DB Roderick Williams

Lawrence Jackson is the only real surprise here, from what I can see. I think that folks were expecting him to have a real chance to be part of the defensive line rotation, but he apparently didn't make a big enough impression on the coaching staff.

I know a lot of people were rooting for Bradley Randle to make the team, but it doesn't appear that it's in the cards. . .not for the time being, at least. You'd think he'd have a chance to make the practice squad.

The cut for getting down to 53 players is August 31, which is this coming Saturday, and just two days after the pre-season finale at the Metrodome against the Tennessee Titans.