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Norse Code Podcast Episode 007: Roster Cuts, San Francisco Review, Tennessee Preview

The seventh episode of Norse Code is out! The official podcast of the Daily Norseman this week covers roster cuts, the San Francisco 49ers game, and the Tennessee game

We're still missing our regular co-host in Dusty O'Connell, who is evidently still stymied by technology. In his place, we have interim host James Pogatshnik, who may have been in as many podcasts as Dusty at this point. Like I've done in my article on the cuts, I go over every player for a brief moment.

I also discuss the San Francisco game a little in depth, while previewing the Tennessee Titans game.

Episode notes:

  • Here's the article breaking down the roster cuts.
  • We talk a little bit about DUIs and the NFL. These are where the statistics James cited came from
  • This is a story that better details the state of the Ride Program from the NFLPA for NFL players from an insurance company, and a brief overview of the program by the associated press.
  • From a former long-time scout and director of College Scouting in the NFL—how he scouted quarterbacks for the Bills, Giants and Bears.
  • If you want to send in irresponsible prognostications, episode ideas or questions, send them to,, @NorseCodeDN or leave a comment below

As always, find us on iTunes and Stitcher by searching for us in those applications, or subscribe to our RSS feed. We also have one available through SoundCloud, if BlogTalkRadio is not your thing, you can use the SoundCloud feed.

For some reason I have more filler words in this one than other ones. So, excuse that and thanks for listening!