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Minnesota Vikings Scrimmage Open Thread

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

One of the highlights of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp takes place tonight at Blakeslee Field in Mankato, as the team will be taking part in their annual scrimmage for the fans to watch.

Hopefully things this year will go better than they did at last year's scrimmage. . .if you'll recall, the big story that came out of last year's scrimmage was Greg Childs wrecking both his knees on the second-to-last play. Don't need to see anything like that this time around.

finds nearest wooden object, starts hammering away furiously

As he has been since the start of camp, Arif Hasan will be at Blakeslee Field letting us know what's going on during the scrimmage for your consumption in near-real time. If you're not already following him on the Twitter, you can see his feed embedded below.

The weather in Mankato this evening looks to be pretty good for football, particularly considering that it's been nuclear hot the last couple of years over there. Tonight, however, we're looking at temperatures in the mid-70s, humidity only sitting at around 45%, and a breeze coming out of the north at about five to ten miles an hour.

The scrimmage is set to kick off at 7:00 PM Central time. Feel free to open another tab and bounce back and forth between this and the Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony and get your football fix!