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Report: Seahawks To Release Antoine Winfield


Remember how bummed out we all were a few months ago when, on the eve of free agency, the Minnesota Vikings released cornerback Antoine Winfield?

Well, on this matter. . .and this is one of the few times where he would have to do so. . .Rick Spielman has the opportunity to do his best Lloyd Christmas impression.

Yes, per Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports, the Seahawks will be releasing Winfield as part of their efforts to get down to 53 players.

Now, we know that Winfield has said that after he was released, he never really considered a return to Minnesota. However, at this point, one might wonder if Winfield would be interested in returning to the place that he spent the last nine seasons, and to a system he'd be very familiar with. He might not be a full-time guy any more at this point, but he did have a very good season for the Vikings in 2012.

And let's all be honest with ourselves. . .we'd feel a hell of a lot more comfortable with #26 manning the slot cornerback position than we'd feel with Josh Robinson or anyone else at this point, wouldn't we? To say nothing of how far down the depth chart the team would have to go if anything were to happen to any of the current secondary members.

So, what do you think, folks. . .will Rick Spielman and company make a serious play for Winfield, or will they stand pat with what they've got?