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Daily Norseman Training Camp Fundraiser!

Arif has run out of money and would be willing to cover all of training camp, but doesn't have the wherewithal to do so. He appeals to the Daily Norseman faithful for their generosity.


Arif won't be able to cover training camp without the ability to stay in Mankato (he doesn't have a ride), so he'll need some help from you and perhaps your friends in order to get there.

If you want me to keep up with my updated twitter feed as well as my extensive notebooks, you might need to pitch in.

With your help, not only can I book a hotel, but I can eat food, too! Don't worry, the food doesn't have to be real.

EDIT: You can evidently send money through your Gmail account with Google Wallet, which you can check out here. Send money through an email by attaching it. Watch the video. If you can do that, I'd prefer it because it is free of fees. Otherwise, you can use Paypal.

I've included a PayPal donate button above, but often the SBNation sites don't work well with that. So, if you want to send money manually, simply go to this link and donate to - I use this for my spam accounts and signing up for things online after my friend gave me the account when I signed him up up for too much (we were all little jerks when gmail first came out and there were limited invites).

Regardless, donate to through paypal or Google Wallet and I'll keep an accounting.

I'll keep a running total as best I can below, but I won't always be near the computer to update it.

Daily hotel cost: $110.00 (with tax)
Per Diem: $15.00 (free food in the media room should help with that)

Total Dollars Raised: $2006.79
Total Days Paid: Every Day!

The reason the hotel is expensive is because I don't have transportation (except to get down there and back) so I will need to stay close to camp, where they've raised prices considerably. Otherwise, gas would factor in anyway.

If we raise more than enough money for training camp, I'll buy Eric some food, he deserves it.

EDIT: We are at the point where we can reasonably talk about stretch goals. Mostly, this means making sure I can eat more than on $15.00 a day, so the stretch goal is to help me cover weird hotel fees/price changes and food shortages (I require Java Monsters at times in order to concentrate).

Stretch Goal One: Buffer Fees ($80.00) - $80.00
Stretch Goal Two: Comp Gas Money ($30.00) - $30.00
Stretch Goal Three: Focus More ($20.00) - $20.00
Stretch Goal Four: Not McDonalds ($75.00) - $75.00
Stretch Goal Five: Daily Norseman Camera ($?) - $836.79

If I get substantially more, I'll stow it away to buy a camera for next year, so you don't get terrible shots like the following:


I have no idea why I took this picture it is an affront to the art of photography


I took this picture because it is big people hitting concrete things, but it just ended up being a testament to my sadness


Bradley Randle is getting really popular, but I didn't want to ruin his day by tweeting out that abomination

OH GOD THERE'S VIDEO <-- Don't Click That Link, It's Nominally Pass Protection Drills With Zach Line and Bradley Randle But It's Really Sadness (also it's a .3gp file and who even knows what that is)

So, there you go. If you're willing to donate, please do. If not, that's fine as well. It's the internet. You've all known me for a while, so I hope you can trust me.

At the very least, if I only get a small amount of money, I will still be able to pay for gas there and back to get one more day out. So every little bit will help.