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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Jared Allen Advances

Adam Bettcher

The first of our "2 vs 3" match-ups in the Sweet 16 of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament was a battle of two players that had been teammates for the past five years. Though they were both great in their own way, in the end, our readers took another member of the team's fine tradition of defensive linemen over one of the biggest "little guys" in the history of not only the Minnesota Vikings, but the NFL.

Jared Allen moved past Antoine Winfield to cement his place in the Elite 8 of our tournament. When all of the votes were counted up, Allen managed 142 "recs" from our readers, while Winfield managed to get 109 "recs." That makes this the first match-up we've had in the tournament thus far where both individuals went over the century mark in votes.

That sets up an interesting match-up for a trip to the Final Four, as the team's offensive MVP of the past 5-6 years in Adrian Peterson will take on Allen, who has been the team's defensive MVP for that same period of time.

We've only got three more match-ups to go before our Elite 8 is set, folks, one of which is going on right now! Be sure to cast your votes, and keep your eye out for more results as well.