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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Jim Marshall Advances

In a battle that turned to be a much larger blowout than I expected it to be, one of the Minnesota Vikings' greatest defensive linemen took down one of the team's greatest receivers to move on to the Elite 8 of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament.

Jim Marshall scored a surprisingly convincing victory over Randy Moss in their third round match-up in our tournament. By the time the votes were counted up, Marshall wound up with 193 "recs," while Moss could manage just 72 "recs." Moss might be the most dynamic playmaker in Vikings' history, but it appears that our readers could appreciate the long-term impact that Marshall made on the team more than the shorter period that Moss was a game-changer for Minnesota.

Marshall's victory guarantees that there will be at least one Ohio State Buckeye in the Final Four, as Marshall will face another Ohio State legend, wide receiver Cris Carter, for the right to move to the Final Four. (That "WOOOOOOO!!" you just heard was from Ted.)

Just two more match-ups to go in our Elite 8, ladies and gentlemen, with one of them going on right now. Go vote in that one, and keep your eye out for future match-ups as well!