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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: Alan Page Advances

Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Much like his teammate, Jim Marshall, did in the previous match-up, another one of the Purple People Eaters moves on to the Elite 8 of our tournament with a pretty convincing victory over a guy who, quite frankly, is no slouch.

Alan Page moved on to the Elite 8 of our tournament by taking down Randall McDaniel in the Sweet 16. When it was all said and done, Page had managed to garner 167 "recs" from our readers, while McDaniel tallied 48 "recs." As I said, McDaniel is on the short list of greatest offensive linemen in Minnesota Vikings history, but he just didn't have enough to get past the first defensive player to be named NFL MVP.

Page's advancing sets up a really huge match-up in our Elite 8, as it will pit (arguably) the Vikings' greatest offensive player in quarterback Fran Tarkenton against Page, who you could very easily argue is the Vikings' greatest defensive player of all time.

Our final Sweet 16 match-up is going on right now, folks. Head on over and vote in that one, and look for an updated bracket and schedule for the Elite 8 over the weekend!