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Texans At Vikings: Open Thread #1



Date: 9 August 2013
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 7:00 PM Central Stadium: HHH Metrodome
TV: KARE-11 Radio: Vikings Radio Network
XM Ch. 229
Sirius Ch. 94
TV Announcers: Paul Allen
Pete Bercich
Know Thy Foe: Battle Red Blog
Line: The heck are you betting on NFL pre-season games for?
Chris' Prediction: As long as there are no injuries, who cares?
Final Score:

Just like last year, here are the ground rules for the Game Threads:

-Thou shalt not promote illegal feeds of today's game, or I shall kick thy arse to the curb until the game is over. Thou hast been warned.

-Thou shalt make an attempt to keep the swearing to a minimum. Understandable that it will slip occasionally, but do try to limit it. (And, really, it's pre-season, folks.)

-Thou shalt not feed the trolls. Rather, thou shall simply point them out, and they shall be banished to the fires of Mordor. Or Wisconsin. Whichever we feel is more harsh at the time.

-Thou shalt not engage in racist, sexist, or other such insulting rhetoric. Somebody disagreeing with you does not make them racist or sexist. It means they disagree with you. Talk it out like adults.

-Thou shalt not bait the fans of other teams into trolling.

-Basically, thou shalt not be a jackwagon in the game thread.


Yes, even though most of this game will be played by guys that are going to be selling insurance or something in just a few weeks, it's football. And, more importantly, it's Minnesota Vikings football. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

We'll see whether we need new Open Threads for each quarter, each half, or whatever. It's all going to depend on the amount of traffic we get here.

So, what am I looking for tonight?

1) No injuries - The Vikings have quite a few guys that aren't going to be playing tonight. Don't expect to see Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, Greg Jennings, Xavier Rhodes, Desmond Bishop, and some other guys out there tonight. The biggest thing is to just come away from this game with no significant injuries.

2) The passing game - This is the thing I think all Vikings fans are waiting to see. Will Christian Ponder and company put together a good enough passing game to complement one of football's best rushing attacks? I don't know how much of an answer to that we're going to get tonight, but it might be a start at the very least. The Texans' secondary is very, very good. We'll see what our favorite football team can generate against them through the air.

3) The bottom of the depth chart - The first cutdown date across the National Football League isn't until August 27, after the third pre-season game (when teams have to drop their rosters from 90 to 75), but the process will start tonight. Who will be the Vikings' fifth (and/or sixth) receivers? Who will be the backups on the offensive line? How about the defensive line battles? Which undrafted free agents have the best chance of sticking with the team? We'll start getting answers to those questions tonight, too.

We're about an hour away from kickoff here, ladies and gentlemen. Grab your beverage of choice and hang out with us. Here's the feed from Arif, who is up in the press box at the Metrodome.

And, with that. . .