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Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament: John Randle Advances

Joe Robbins

There will not be a third member of the Purple People Eaters advancing to the Elite 8 of our Greatest Viking Of All Time Tournament, as we once again saw that the Big Dog was in the house.

John Randle took down Carl Eller in their match-up to reach our Elite 8. Randle took control fairly early on and didn't let go, eventually accumulating 134 "recs" from our readers, while Eller finished the match-up with 76 "recs." There was a lot of love for Eller in the early rounds, but Randle is probably a lot fresher in the minds of a lot of younger fans, which is why he pushed through to the next round.

In that next round, however, Randle faces a very tough match-up, as he'll be going head-to-head with another legend in coach Bud Grant.

Our Elite 8 is set, ladies and gentlemen! We will have an updated bracket for you and the schedule for the Elite 8 sometime over the weekend here. Thank you very much to everyone that has voted so far, and if you thought the Sweet 16 match-ups were good, the Elite 8 match-ups should be even better.