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Texans At Vikings: Second Half Open Thread

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, since the first half thread is over 700 comments, let's move to a new thread for the second half.

The highlights of the early going for the Vikings were a 50-yard kick return by Cordarrelle Patterson to start the game, after which Christian Ponder threw two passes to Jerome Simpson. One went for a 15-yard reception, the other went off of Simpson's hands and to a Houston defender for an interception. Ponder was pulled after that. . .yeah, I don't understand, either. . .and Matt Cassel took over.

The Vikings' first touchdown of 2013 was scored by. . .Zach Line? Yes, Zach Line, on a 61-yard pass from Cassel that saw Line break numerous tackles en route to the end zone. Line is one of those fringe type of players, so that's something that can only work in his favor, I would think.

The Texans responded with a 34-yard touchdown pass from T.J. Yates to rookie DeAndre Hopkins. Bobby Felder actually had pretty decent coverage on the play, but really mistimed his jump and allowed the rookie to come down with it.

Blair Walsh added his second field goal to give the Vikings a 13-10 lead, and a long attempt to end the half by the Texans fell short, so that's where we stand after 30 minutes of action.

We'll have more on the game after it's completed, but that's where we stand right now.

Enjoy the second half, everybody! And, since I forgot it initially, here's Arif's Twitter feed from the Metrodome press box.