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Norse Code Podcast #009 (Part One): The Panel

Episode nine of the best Minnesota Vikings podcast is live! Dusty O'Connell is back and the podcast premieres its first panel show. The official podcast of the Daily Norseman opens with a review of the Detroit Lions game and a small recap of Week 1 action around the league.

I haven't been very active at the Daily Norseman recently, but I at least have held up my end with these podcasts. I can't say that Dusty has done the same, but he finally made an appearance (again) in our first panel show!

We talk about the Lions game, and do a week one recap to finish out the first half.

Episode Notes:

  • This is the Bleacher Report article that Dusty is referring to when he defends Jerome Simpson
  • Here's a really cool link to Bill Walsh on the hitch step (it's a video I'll embed below) and generally the footwork that he wanted his quarterbacks to go through that we reference. In particular, you can look at Joe Montana's knees to see what Dusty is referring to.
  • When I refer to play design and Bill Musgrave, there's a bit to unpack. I did so a while back for the Bleacher Report.
  • Did you want to know more about Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia offense besides the fact that it is "fun" and "fast"? Good, because I did, too. And you won't find a better source than FishDuck videos. Here's his tutorial, starting with video one.
  • If you'd rather read, you can't do better than the folks at Grantland or Smart Football. This is Bill Barnwell on the offense, although Chris Brown, who has written for Grantland, SBNation and his own blog (Smart Football) on several occasions, is better. Here's a Grantland piece on Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

Here's that video I promised: