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Norse Code Podcast: #009 (Part Two)—The Panel's Conclusion

The second half of Norse Code's first (only?) panel show is up! Norse Code is the best podcast for the Minnesota Vikings and the official podcast of the Daily Norseman. We accuse Dusty of being Brett Favre, hit the Number of the Week, preview the Bears game and round up with more wild prognostications.

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Here's part two of the first panel episode of the Norse Code podcast. In this episode, we discuss Dusty's Number of the Week, the upcoming Bears game (where I accidentally mistake the rookie linebackers for starters for a brief moment) and some of your wildly irresponsible prognostications (and our own, too!)

Episode Notes:

  • Here's our obligatory Smokin' Jay Cutler tumblr shout-out. Click here for goodness.
  • Dusty accidentally referenced one of the most popular public service announcements of the 1970s. Keep America Beautiful, kids!
  • Evidently, Jeff Tedford does not have a job right now. But he has sent a number of quarterbacks to the NFL, often in the first round, including Billy Volek, A.J. Feeley, Trent Dilfer, David Carr, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller and Aaron Rodgers. The running backs he's developed include Shane Vereen, Jahvid Best, Justin Forsett and Marshawn Lynch—perhaps only one of those QBs turned out to be good in the NFL, but they were monstrous in college for a good reason. Here's an ESPN piece blasting him, although they are at least relatively balanced about it.
  • At one point, Dusty talks about short-term reaction to long-term investments. For a thorough read on counter-intuitive long-view market strategies, check out the Black Swan by Nassim Taleb

This is the picture Dusty was talking about: