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Vikings At Bears: Game Time, TV Schedule, Radio Schedule and More


Game time between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears at Soldier Field is getting closer, ladies and gentlemen, as we're now just about 24 hours away from kickoff. We know that you're going to be looking for ways to follow all of the action (if you're not here for the Game Thread, anyway). Right now, we're going to give you all of the information you need to be able to do just that.

Television Info

Once again, as this is a game between two NFC teams, the television side of things will be handled by FOX. Did you like the announcing crew from last week? Did you not like the announcing crew from last week? Either way, you're in luck. . .because this week's game will be handled by Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick, just like last week's game was. (That data comes from the folks at The 506.)

For those of you that are outside of the local area and are going to be watching through the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package, you'll be able to find this game on Channel 706.

Kickoff time is, once again, scheduled for 12:00 PM Central time. Once again, it looks like AFN Prime Atlantic will be carrying this week's Vikings game for our men and women overseas. The kickoff time for this one will be 1700Z (not 1800, as I mistakenly reported last week). For those of you in Central Europe, that equates to a 1900L kickoff. If you're in Afghanistan, kickoff will take place at 2130L, and if you're in Japan or Korea, be prepared again for kickoff at 0200L on Monday morning.

Also, if you're in the United Kingdom, this game will be featured on Sky Sports, with a kickoff of 6:00 PM London time.

Radio Info

If you're travelling or just prefer the sound of the radio call to the television announcers or what have you, the Vikings Radio Network is for you. Paul Allen and Pete Bercich are behind the mics again this season, and you can find one of their 74 affiliates near your area.

If you have satellite radio, you have options there as well. If you have an XM Radio, you're stuck with the feed from the Chicago announcers on Channel 225, as XM only has the home team's feed. If you have a Sirius Radio, you can get the Vikings' announcers on Channel 137 or the Bears' announcers on Channel 91.

Referee Info

It's a good thing that Illinois recently passed a bill to allow concealed carry. . .because THE GUN SHOW IS COMIN' TO CHICAGO THIS WEEKEND! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this game will be officiated by Ed Hochuli and his bulging biceps, which you will no doubt hear Brennaman and Billick comment on at least half a dozen times. (This info comes from

And yes, that was a long way to go for a Hochuli joke. Please don't look at this as a license to go off about gun laws in the comments section.

Streaming Info

To my knowledge, there is no legal way to stream this particular game if you live in the United States. (Unless you have the Sunday Ticket through your video game console.) Do NOT. . .and I mean not in any way, shape, or form. . .promote illegal streaming sites on The Daily Norseman. Not in the comments, not in the FanPosts, not in the FanShots, not in the Game Thread on Sunday, not anywhere. Don't even hint at them. Trust me on this. If you're that determined to watch the game via an illegal stream, do a Google search and find it on your own.

If you live overseas, the only legal stream, that I know of, is to purchase NFL Game Pass from the folks at, which is actually a pretty sweet deal. I've got it for the games that aren't on AFN, and from using it to watch the pre-season games, it's a pretty solid product.

That should be everything you need to find this Sunday's action, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy!