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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Officially Back On Again

Confirming reports from earlier this week, the Wilf family has "significant holdings" that will allow them to hold up their end of the financial bargain for the new Minnesota Vikings' stadium in Minneapolis, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. The report confirms that, even in the "worst case scenario" concerning the civil suit that the Wilf family has been found liable in over in New Jersey, the current Vikings' owners will be able to meet their commitments to the stadium.

There is one thing that I find particularly interesting concerning that potential "worst-case scenario."

Toward that end, they secured a commitment from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that the league remains committed to this market and that if there had to be an ownership change for the Vikings, the new owners would be required to assume the lease and other stadium agreements.

Now, as the article says, there is no indication that the Wilfs are going to be charged criminally with what happened in New Jersey. But, in the event that something does happen and the Wilf family has to sell the team, the new owners will be well aware that they are on the hook for the financial portion of the new stadium that the Wilfs are currently responsible for.

So, as usual, the people that think that that there's any chance that the Vikings are relocating from Minnesota are every bit as wrong now as they were then. From all indications, the groundbreaking is still scheduled to take place next month, and the stadium is still on track to open up in time for the 2016 NFL season. The HURR DURR LOS ANGELES VIKINGS crowd. . .if there are any of them still left out there. . .can sit down and shut up once again.