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Minnesota Vikings At Chicago Bears: Fourth Quarter Open Thread

David Banks

We have fifteen minutes of action left at Soldier Field, ladies and gentlemen.

After the Bears punted on the first possession of the third quarter, the Vikings drove to around midfield. They faced a 4th-and-1, and Leslie Frazier kept his offense on the field. The Vikings went with a play-action pass, but nothing was open and Christian Ponder ran it for the necessary yardage. However, Adrian Peterson fumbled on the next play, and the Bears recovered. The Vikings forced the Bears to go three-and-out on the subsequent drive.

On the next Vikings drive, they pushed all the way to the Chicago 10-yard line. On a third down, Ponder fired to Jarius Wright, who appeared to have the first down, but then fumbled the football. After a review, it was determined that Wright didn't catch the football and the pass was ruled incomplete. Blair Walsh then came in and knocked home a 28-yard field goal to tie the game again at 24 a piece.

That's what we're looking at as we move to the fourth quarter of play. The Bears have the ball at the Minnesota 40-yard line, looking at 1st-and-10.

Once again, here's Eric's Twitter feed, as he is live at Soldier Field for this one.

It's been a weird, wild, wacky afternoon at Soldier Field, folks. Can the Vikings pull out a victory at a place that they haven't won at since 2007? We're fifteen minutes away from finding out.