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Vikings At Bears Final Score: Minnesota Dealt Crushing Loss, 31-30

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings had an opportunity to get their first win at Soldier Field since 2007. They really, truly did. When Blair Walsh hit his third field goal of the day with just over two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Vikings held a 30-24 lead, and the Bears had just one time out remaining.

However, that was all Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears needed, as they drove down the field, with Cutler finding tight end Martellus Bennett from 16 yards out to give the Bears a 31-30 victory over the Vikings.

We'll have plenty more on this game over the course of the afternoon here, ladies and gentlemen. The bottom line is that the Vikings have now fallen to 0-2, with both of those losses coming within the NFC North. It's going to be a tough hole to dig out of, but not an impossible one.

Enjoy the rest of the football this afternoon, folks. . .as I said, we'll have more on today's game as we go through the rest of this Sunday.