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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 9/20

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It's Friday, ladies and gentlemen, which means it's almost the weekend and we're that much closer to another chance to watch Minnesota Vikings football! How awesome is that, huh?

Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . .

-Eric brought you his weekly NFL picks. . .he's 0-1 already, but we won't hold that against him.

-There's a brand new installment of Norse Code for your listening pleasure.

-Mark has his latest look at which college players you should be keeping an eye on this weekend. For those of you that are fans of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, they're playing one of the top QB prospects in the country this week as they host David Fales and the San Jose State Spartans at noon Central time on Saturday.

-Tight end/fullback Rhett Ellison has missed the past couple days of practice, and his outlook for playing Sunday is a bit on the bleak side. We should have final injury reports later today.

-In a bit of a surprising move, the Vikings have inked safety Andrew Sendejo to a two-year contract extension.

From some other outposts across the internet. . .

-The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a video preview of this weekend's game from a Browns perspective.

-The Vikings are trying to keep up with all the changes happening in Cleveland.

-Want to work out like Adrian Peterson? There's an app for that.

-Speaking of Peterson, he may have set the bar too high for Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III in his quest to come back from his own knee injury.

-A documentary about the Vikings' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in London will air on the Discovery Channel on Friday, October 4.

The rules of the Open Thread are the same as they've ever been, ladies and gentlemen. . .no politics, no religion, no feeding of the trolls, and keep the bad language to a minimum/use the spoiler tags if you feel that you absolutely must curse.

We wrap up our Led Zeppelin-based week of musical selections with this.

No Stairway? Denied!

Next week, we'll hang out with some of Led Zeppelin's brethren, as we'll have a bit of a "British Invasion" week in tribute to the Vikings heading to the other side of the big pond.

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open for this Friday, ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy the rest of your day, and we'll have some more stuff coming your way later on.