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A Brief Look At Browns/Vikings History

Sorry. . .no eligible pictures of the Vikings taking on the Browns. So, here's Adrian Peterson.
Sorry. . .no eligible pictures of the Vikings taking on the Browns. So, here's Adrian Peterson.
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

As we've done thus far this season, we'll be taking a brief look at the series between the Minnesota Vikings and the team that they're playing in a particular week. This week, that opponent is the Cleveland Browns. The series between these two teams has been a bit one-sided, to say the least. . .but there aren't a lot of guys on the current Vikings' roster that have a great deal of experience against the Browns.

As has been the case the past couple of weeks, this data is brought to you by the folks at Pro Football Reference.

Total Games Between The Browns And Vikings: 13 (plus one in the post-season)

All-Time Record: Vikings, 10-3 (1-0 in the post-season)

Total Vikings Points Scored Head-to-Head: 323 (24.8 points/game)

Total Browns Points Scored Head-to-Head: 186 (14.3 points/game)

Longest Vikings Winning Streak: 5 (9 November 1969 - 14 December 1980)

Longest Browns Winning Streak: 2 (26 October 1986 - 17 December 1989)

Most Recent Vikings Victory In Minnesota27 November 2005 (Final score 24-12)

Most Recent Browns Victory In Minnesota26 October 1986 (Final score 23-20)

Biggest Vikings Victory In Minnesota: 48 points, 9 December 1969 (Final score 51-3)

Biggest Browns Victory In Minnesota: 3 points, 26 October 1986 (Final score 23-20)

And a few miscellaneous things. . .

-The Vikings' one post-season victory over the Browns was the game that gave them their only NFL Championship, a 27-7 victory over the Browns at Metropolitan Stadium on 4 January 1970.

-Adrian Peterson has played just one game against the Browns in his career, but it was a memorable one. It was the season opener in 2009, and Peterson went off for 180 rushing yards and three touchdowns in a 34-20 Minnesota win.

-The Browns' 23-20 victory over the Vikings on 26 October 1986 is their only victory in Minneapolis. They are 1-7 on the road against the Vikings all-time.

-Vikings' quarterback Christian Ponder has never faced the Cleveland Browns in the regular season.

-Neither of the Vikings' elder statesmen at the receiver position have had a lot of success against the Browns. Jerome Simpson, who saw the Browns frequently when he was with the Cincinnati Bengals, has just 8 catches for 89 yards in three career games against Cleveland. Greg Jennings has only seen the Browns once in his career, and had just five catches for 52 yards.

And that's a brief look at the history between the Minnesota Vikings and the Cleveland Browns, folks. We're still a day away from the game, so we'll have a little bit more for you leading up to kickoff over the course of the day.