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Report: Colts Inquired About Toby Gerhart Prior To Trent Richardson Trade


This was on the CBS pre-game show yesterday, but I haven't gotten a chance to put anything out about it until now.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reported that, prior to making a deal for running back Trent Richardson, the Indianapolis Colts called the Minnesota Vikings to ask them about the availability of running back Toby Gerhart. The article goes on to say that the Colts and some other team (who is unnamed, despite LaCanfora's best efforts) had agreed in principle to a deal before the Richardson deal went down.

If this is the case, it's really too bad for both Gerhart and the Vikings that something didn't get worked out. Gerhart, in my opinion, is a good enough back to be a starter in this league, but he's never going to get that opportunity in Minnesota as long as Adrian Peterson is around. From the Vikings' perspective, Gerhart is in the final year of his contract. Given the running back situation with this team, I think there's really zero chance of him being back here next season. It would have been nice for the team to get what they could have for him before he walks away, particularly now that it appears that the Vikings should be stockpiling picks for next year's draft.

The Vikings may still deal Gerhart. . .along with some others. . .before this season's trading deadline. It will be interesting to see how Rick Spielman and company operate with the way the play on the field has gone thus far in 2013.