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Wilfs Ordered To Pay $84.5 Million In Damages

Adam Bettcher

The results of the civil suit that the Wilfs were found liable. . .not "guilty," but liable. . .in a few months back are officially in, and while the Wilf family is going to be out of pocket a significant amount, it means nothing to the Minnesota Vikings' stadium efforts.

A judge ruled on Monday that the Wilfs will have to pay $84.5 million to the plaintiffs in the case, which covers "compensatory damages, punitive damages, and redistribution of profits." The suit dates back to 1992, but the judge only got around to ruling on it recently.

The Wilfs intend to appeal the ruling, and the appeal is expected to take two to three years. Really, why wouldn't it? It took them over two decades to get to this point, after all. So, as WCCO political reporter Pat Kessler helpfully points out. . .

So, there will be no issues with the Vikings' stadium going forward. I believe that groundbreaking is still scheduled for October, but if that changes, we'll pass the news along.